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Back Total Logistics Management for optimized supply chains

TLM offers more control over your whole supply chain. Improve carrier utilization by implementing new technologies with road logistics specialists who help meet your goals.

Designed for the road ahead

Building a robust transportation strategy goes beyond moving freight from point A to point B. You have to consider options for freight spend reduction, demand spikes, lane optimization, carrier management, and more. Our TLM experts offer the planning, knowledge and resources to negotiate these hurdles and frees you to take care of what matters most—your customers.

With integrated data platforms, you can sharpen controls at every touchpoint. Dedicated teams monitor your shipments while in-transit and take immediate action when issues arise, preventing delays and added cost.

Continuous improvements to your supply chain travel in multiple lanes. From decreasing freight spend to CO2 emissions, stay ahead of the competition with KPIs, analytics and customized reporting that match your objectives.

Explore the possibilities

Your data is telling you more than you might think. When used well, it can make the difference between a sluggish supply chain and a dynamic one. Here are some of the ways TLM analytics can drive improvements. 

  • Optimal facility analysis: If you have several distribution centers, how do you know you’re shipping from the most ideal location? Let us help you determine which site to use for optimizing loads. As your business grows, we work with you to select the best locations for new distribution centers depending on where your customers need to ship.
  • Pooling and hub: How do you decide whether to ship LTL or FTL? You may have untapped opportunities to consolidate with full truckloads into locations closer to customers. Consolidation lets you reduce cost on the longer portion of the journey and then distribute by LTL on the short distances for final delivery. Our analytics can help you choose the best options for your customers.
  • Minimum order analysis: Every shipment has information just waiting to be collected and interpreted—like the frequency of small volume orders. Use this data to develop customer incentives for placing minimum order quantities that reduce freight costs.
  • Sustainability: Consistent data collection paves the way for more sustainable transport. LTL shipments are reviewed and optimized into full truckloads, reducing your carbon footprint.