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Back Road Logistics for Healthcare

Flexibility and compliance go hand in hand. Your essential healthcare products get the best of both worlds while on the road.

Capacity for all your destinations

When every shipment matters, waiting for truck space is not an option. That’s why our network has more than 140 healthcare-certified carriers with 6,000 temperature-controlled units. While national and regional providers are key, we also look for niche carriers in the specific lanes you need.

Before getting on the list, carriers undergo a rigorous three- to six-month vetting process. It’s an investment that allows us to assemble top providers who can meet the challenges of the healthcare industry.

Service bundles make shipping easy

Select a road logistics option that matches the way you ship. The four tiers let you decide which solutions meet the needs of your supply chain.

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More secure, less risk

Healthcare truckloads remain a major target for theft. The best defense is having proactive measures in place at several touchpoints in the journey. That’s why we’ve developed healthcare-specific services to ensure safe arrival, including:

  • Secure parking locations for trucks while on the road; video monitoring;  team drivers
  • Customs and cross border assistance
  • 24/7 high-value and sensitive cargo oversight
  • Geo-fencing and police escort available

Lane risk assessments offer an extra layer of security. You get peace of mind that due diligence happens before cargo is handled by carriers in our network. There are two evaluation levels available:

The standard process includes country/geographic area assessments available in KN Risk, as well as country-to-country. Advanced assessments let you capture individual risks, business and product aspects and allow for lane-specific evaluation.

Sharpen your visibility

Supply chains move with more speed and complexity than ever before. Whether you ship life-saving medicine, equipment or supplies, full visibility is indispensable.

With our dedicated CareTeam and access to myKN 24/7/365, you can track and trace with ease. When problems do arise, read-outs detail the entire shipment history: temperature deviations, light entering the trailer, or even when the door was opened.  

Proactive intervention let you make informed decisions that keep your supply chain in healthy condition.

Crossing borders without barriers

When shipping between the US, Mexico and Canada, supply chain complexity increases. You have to be familiar with customs requirements and compliance regulations while communicating with different parties in multiple locations.

Our road logistics teams are located across North America and offer services for customs brokerage, transportation management and distribution. Get a single point of contact who understands your business, minimizes errors and prevents delays.