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Stay cool knowing that your temperature-sensitive goods are in expert hands.

Does your business rely on refrigerated transport chains? Would the guaranteed availability of reefer equipment and 24/7 monitoring of your goods give you peace of mind?

When you want to ship temperature-controlled goods, you need a reliable logistics partner who can provide seamless cold chain transportation, from source to destination. Whether shipping fresh and frozen foods or pharmaceuticals, get a customized solution to the exact level of service you require. With access to all major reefer carriers, your shipments arrive on time and in perfect condition. When transporting perishable goods, including fish, meat, dairy, and fruits and vegetables, use our dedicated solution, KN FreshChain.

We understand that you need a service that goes beyond port delivery and offers a complete cold chain approach. With our full spectrum solution, you can delegate logistics processes to us and focus on what matters most serving your customers.  

Benefits for you:

  • Reefer experts who understand the specific requirements of cold chain shipping (e.g. shelf life and seasonality, equipment types, cold treatment and controlled atmosphere, regulations)
  • Real-time monitoring and temperature control via IoT (Internet of Things) sensors with active intervention in case of temperature deviations
  • Visibility and monitoring of your shipments through our web-based tool, myKN 
  • Up-skill your employees and customers with our in-house reefer training resources 
  • Assistance with phytosanitary clearance, veterinary inspection and general port and authority handling

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