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Providing your business the benefits of an integrated ecosystem with differentiated products to match your specific requirements.

At Kuehne+Nagel, we are a partner that delivers value and support so you can achieve your ambitious business objectives.

You need more than a one-size-fits-all approach. That's why our suite of products is designed to be applied with stand-alone options or combined, depending on your needs. Individually or together, they strengthen your supply chain and product segments with the right service. 


KNeControl is Kuehne+Nagel’s foundational 4PL product a managed service that helps you to be brilliant at the basics. It contains management of input data quality, rule-based automated order execution and booking, the integration of status-data from multiple sources, and predictive milestone calculations.

KNeControl automates your processes to eliminate errors and transforms transactional data, so you get meaningful business insights.

You get consolidated visibility on shipments, cost, and the performance in key performance indicators. With actionable information, such as risk exposure, you can better manage your supply chain.

KNeControl is the right product for fragmented supply chains that currently have a low digitalization level. Enjoy the benefits of the ecosystem without the need for a large scale implementation. 


When you need to meet business critical service and performance objectives in your supply chain, you can gain control with us. 

KNproControl provides support beyond automation of your tools and processes. It's proactive management of your supply chain. Our teams help you with the data-driven management of suppliers, carriers, and customers to  KPI (Key Performance Indicator) performance.

Proactive assessments of disruptions and supply chain risks including weather and political issues allow the Control Tower to respond faster to changing conditions by initiating real-time problem solving actions. 

KNproControl provides you with accurate prediction of potential impacts on your supply chain through advanced data analytics. You’ll get a customized dashboard with visibility of all parts of the supply chain such as performance, financials, and the prioritization and resolution status of critical issues.

Comprehensive data analysis capabilities gives you the right metrics and oversight to make better decisions for your business and your customers. 


As your business grows, complexity increases. It can be difficult to identify new sources of value within your supply chain. KNfullControl supports you by leveraging our 20+ years of experience in idea generation, analytics, cost-to-serve effective continuous improvement, sourcing, and procurement management and implementation. 

When you want market intelligence, our team shows you how to generate valuable data-based insights to guide your sourcing and procurement strategy. It helps you to quickly make competitive, bench-marked, and fact-based freight procurement decisions. 

Through careful network and cost analysis, we help you to set-up or re-design your supply chain and provide operational and tactical recommendations.

With KNfullControl, you have the resources, insights, and technology globally built in our ecosystem. We drive your supply chain transformation jointly with you.

Kuehne+Nagel Integrated Logistics: Orchestrating your success.