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A strong compliance foundation starts with ensuring your products meet the requirements of the agreement. As you work through the adherence process, our team is here to help.

Use our Excel file to download products from your internal system. This tool helps you determine which products meet the rules of origin under the new NAFTA agreement.

Why is “New NAFTA” referred to by different acronyms?

  • Each signing country named the agreement by placing their country first. Therefore, we have:
  • CUSMA: Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement
  • T-MEC: Tratado Mexico, Estados Unidos, Canada
  • USMCA: United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Which product categories are most impacted by the new agreement?

  • Major changes to: Automotive, dairy, agriculture, and chemical goods

  • New requirements: textile apparel goods

  • Minor changes: Specific rules of origin for other goods; discovered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I use the agreement?

New NAFTA is structured similar to its predecessor and most other trade agreements.  At a high level, a company must:

  • Determine the HS Classification of the product

  • Study the applicable rules of origin

  • Determine if the product qualifies under the applicable rules of origin

  • Document the product qualification rationale

  • Complete the statement of origin

  • Present the completed statement of origin to your customs broker or customer.

Where do I find the text of New NAFTA?

How do I save the Kuehne + Nagel form as pdf?

How long can a statement of origin be valid?

  • A statement of origin can by valid for up to twelve consecutive months.  The twelve months do not need to be in one calendar year.