Global Coordination with Maximum Flexibility

Kuehne + Nagel solutions accompany the automobile through the whole of its life cycle, generating tangible added value every step of the way. Suppliers can benefit from our inbound logistics, OEM’s make use of production logistics and after-market suppliers may take advantage of outbound logistics and after-sales service.

Our service modules have been specifically developed with the automotive industry in mind and are based on three key success factors: a global logistics network, cutting edge technology and a team of experts who meet your needs throughout the supply chain.

Kuehne + Nagel offers both shared and dedicated facilities that are strategically located throughout the NAFTA region, allowing you to position your products where and when you need them most.

Key Services

After Sales Services: We operate complex distribution networks and facilities with fully automated warehouse equipment that ensure dealers receive the support necessary to keep customers satisfied.

Packaging Services:  Options are available whether you use wood, industrialized systems, returnable containers or temperature controlled packaging. Value-added services include corrosion intercept and complete/semi-knockdown.

Tyre Logistics:  We provide a set of specialized services for plant logistics  warehouses and tyre distribution centres, allowing manufacturers to focus on production while receiving reliable support.

Inbound Logistics:  Kuehne + Nagel supplies domestic and international car production sites with all material necessary for efficient manufacturing, including consolidation of products from multiple suppliers and flexible management of incoming goods. We also offer customs clearance and transportation services to the warehouse/manufacturing site.

Outbound Logistics:  Outbound Logistics include the multi-modal distribution of goods for suppliers, production plants or distributor's industrialized systems, returnable containers.

Reverse Logistics:  Kuehne + Nagel handles returnable units, repair and maintenance services as well as goods returned under warranty from dealers and distributors.

Production Logistics:  Our range of services includes warehousing/sub-assembly, kitting, and pre-assembly of components. In addition customer may take advantage of various forms of production line feeding such as Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries, Just-In Sequence (JIS) services or removal and processing of empty load units.

Integrated Solutions

Kuehne + Nagel is unique among leading logistics providers, offering a comprehensive set of services that follows the complete life cycle of a vehicle.

A combination of international forwarding services with integrated logistics solutions enables actions to be taken at several different points simultaneously within the supply chain. Throughout the process, the customer can continuously track every order with all logistics data on the web-based KN Login information platform.

Our customers tap into the many benefits of integrated solutions by outsourcing logistics management and execution functions within a collaborative environment.

  • Improved service levels and traceability
  • Reduced transport, warehousing, management and supplier related cost
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Best practice sharing and continuous improvement
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Reduced environmental externalities