The buzz on sustainability in our Montreal office

Date posted: July 23, 2020


Inspired by our Net Zero Carbon initiative, the Montreal team has partnered with
Alvéole for a new project: Urban beekeeping.

Alvéole raises awareness and helps city dwellers reconnect to their food systems.
About one-third of our food relies on pollination, so bees play an important role.
With their guidance, Montreal employees will have functioning rooftop hives at the

The project began simply enough. Aurelien in Sea Logistics Sales, was
researching ways to give his home garden a boost of self-sufficiency. After seeing
the possibilities with Alvéole, he thought this would be a great idea for
Kuehne+Nagel to try.

Much like the teamwork bees need to make honey, employees have banded
together to look after the hives. Since our Montreal building rooftop is undergoing
summer repairs, Alvéole installed the hives in a temporary location to get the
project started. They recently gave employees their first experience with live bees.
According to Aurelien, “it made me feel like when I discovered Disneyland at 5 years
old. Magically relaxing and pleasant to learn about those beautiful creatures.”

While the whole team has embraced the project, not everyone was as excited
with the prospect of getting up-close and personal. A round of applause for
Marie in Air Logistics Sales who conquered her bee fear and held a frame full
of them.

Once the hives get their permanent rooftop home, the team’s goal is to bring
the project to other locations. Right now, they’re just waiting for some sweet

Special thanks to our beekeeping specialists: Salomé, Sofie, and Laura.