Get the most out of the myKN Calendar widget

Date posted: September 30, 2019 | Author: Deming Wu, National Director of Customer Solutions

myKN has a powerful widget called "Calendar" that is designed to empower your supply chain.

It's a different way to stay on top of your inbound and outbound shipments.


The calendar widget in myKN landing page now has four events per shipment that reflect its progress: Receiving, Departure, Arrival and Completion. Since not all events are relevant to every user, you can configure the Widget to match your personal preferences.

What's New

The month overview shows the number of shipment events occurring per day, clustered per event type. Event types are colour-coded from dark blue to lighter blue, representing the linear voyage and progress of shipments. The final Completion event is highlighted in green.

To learn more about the shipments with events occurring on any given day, just click the day to open the detail panel. It shows a list of shipments, clustered per event type. Click a shipment to open the respective shipment detail page. Shipment actions (follow & favorite) are also available right from this list.



Flip your personal preferences

We’re introducing a new standard behavior that will be adopted for all future widget additions. Hover above a configurable widget to see the icon appear in the lower left corner. Click on it to flip the widget into configuration mode — and simply select what you want to see.

Our next major Calendar update is already in development. It will offer the possibility to subscribe to selected shipment event calendars (one calendar per event type) with your own application of choice (i.e. Outlook or your smartphone calendar). Subscription features an automatic one-way synchronization, so any updates or changes of events in our system will reflect in the subscribing calendar client. Users can combine and overlay shipment events directly with other activities such as warehouse or worker resource planning.