Enterprise Solution Platform is your door into KN International Supply Chain.

Date posted: October 28, 2019 | Author: Rebecca Garland, Director International Supply Chain

Dual digital platform strategy:  Providing options and customer preferences.


KN ESP is the next step in our KN technology suite, that includes a strategic partnership with GT Nexus.  It replaces KN Login Order as our next generation digital platform and provides you with management control of your entire supply chain life cycle. From initial sourcing through to final destination delivery programs, it covers order management and production, transportation procurement, planning and execution, and dynamic tracking,

In a nutshell, KN ESP is a powerful new collaborative platform that gives you control over all your operational supply chain processes, including global visibility across all transactions. With a modular design to enable integration with other information networks, KN ESP uses the latest smart technologies like predictive analysis, artificial intelligence, and algorithms to constantly optimise your supply chain and deliver real competitive advantage.

As a GT Nexus LSP (Lead Service Provider) we are able to provide Enterprise and other complex supply chain customers with industry leading technology within the GT Nexus Community.