For Brenda Lemieux, it's not retirement, it's Rewire-ment

Date posted: November 29, 2019   Brenda has been many things throughout her career – a writer, an innovator, and – above all – a leader. And she has done it all from the values of her heart as much as the logic of her head. When we think about Brenda, we remember not only her determination in driving teams toward challenging objectives, but her ability to motivate herself and her colleagues in the face of those challenges.

On June 10th, 2019, Brenda started her 40th year with Kuehne + Nagel. She began her career as a young woman, just out of university, with a desire to fulfill her ambitions to become a writer and journalist in her home province of Quebec. However, through a unique set of circumstances, she found her way to Kuehne + Nagel, and leapt full-force into the male-dominated logistics industry. At a time when the highest level a woman held was Office Supervisor, she rose through the ranks of the organization, culminating with Vice-President of Overland Transportation for Canada, which she holds today.

Brenda’s first 30 years at KN were in Contract Logistics.  She held progressive positions in customer facing and operations roles, and was instrumental in the development of sales and key account strategies to support a diverse customer portfolio.  She spent countless hours in boardrooms, both developing and delivering training programs to a growing workforce. She raised her hand to lead various engagement activities – becoming editor of an internal employee CL newspaper, Chair of the KN Social Club, and a key member of the Labour Management Committee.

In 1992, in addition to her core responsibilities, she became a driving force in the launch and successful accreditation of KN Canada’s ISO9001 Quality Program. She became a member of the International Warehouse and Logistics Association (IWLA), obtained her PLog certification, and participated in ‘Women in Logistics’ programs.

Her intense pride in her current team’s success is very evident. Under her guidance over the past 10 years, Overland Canada has continued it’s growth and service offerings, and has placed Canada squarely on the map in the North America region.

Over the years, Brenda has been a tireless and enthusiastic supporter of change within the organization, and has earned the respect and loyalty of everyone she connects with. As she closes out these last few weeks, she continues to provide her unwavering support to her team, her business partners and her customers.

Saying work colleagues are like family may sound like a cliché, but for Brenda, it’s a reality. She has rolled up her sleeves to help coworkers through demanding times and spent countless hours being a sounding board for anyone who needed a friendly ear. And when things got overwhelming on a huge implementation, project, and someone was not able to get home, she may even hand you the key to her nearby home to grab a nap or take a shower. That is Brenda in a nutshell.

For her next journey, she’s focused on Heart, Health, and Home.  That means finally spending time with her retired husband Gary and enjoying their cottage in Ontario’s Madawaska Valley.  There will be time to travel, entertain, volunteer, read good books, focus on health, and have a lot more fun along the way.  After all, 2020 is only her Rewire-ment year.

Thank you Brenda for the years of friendship, vision and inspiring leadership.