Absolute confidence

That’s what you enjoy when you choose Canada’s leading provider of airfreight services. Kuehne + Nagel manages 14,400 tons of global cargo every week. Supported by Cargo iQ Phase 2 certification, we deliver:

  • Automated, immediate, all-inclusive price calculation
  • Time-defined delivery promises
  • Maximum shipment visibility
  • Standardized invoice structure for easy review

Key Services

  • Delivery time promise = Time defined service
  • Immediate “all-in” price calculation without additional charges
  • Simplified and standardized invoicing
  • Leader of the air industry’s Cargo iQ initiative
  • Detailed Route Map planning
  • Visibility of actual cargo movements and planned future movements
  • Proactive alerts
  • Automated Performance Guarantee

The Route Map: How does Cargo iQ work?

When it comes to keeping a delivery promise, planning and visibility are key. Without these there can be no control. And what is not under control cannot be measured. This is where Cargo iQ comes in. Its key objectives are to plan, control and ultimately report  on each individual shipment.

Planning – the basis of every delivery promise

In order to control a shipment’s movement from door to door, detailed planning is required. Cargo iQ's members have developed the process framework necessary for the calculation of each shipment cycle. Based on this framework, a route map is automatically issued for every shipment. The route map defines the “latest by” times for the fulfilment of the key process steps (milestones) along the transport chain. It is a time-defined delivery promise to the customer. All parties that are involved in the transport of a shipment are equally involved in planning its route map. Cargo iQ has established standard data interfaces so that the route maps. carrier and the forwarder seamlessly combine.

Charter Services

Our specialists develop individual solutions to get your cargo where it needs to be. To relieve capacity bottlenecks on busy trade lanes, we regularly initiate peak-season charters, guaranteeing you the cargo space needed.

  • Kuehne + Nagel's charter services are ideal for overcoming capacity shortfalls or shipping to remote destinations.
  • Close supervision of shipments, especially during loading and unloading 24-hour hotline for priority shipments
  • Sophisticated and innovative logistics solutions with real-world value
  • Coordination of shipments from other countries
  • Operational key account department for overseas customers

Carrier Management

Building and reinforcing partnerships

One Million Tons of annual air cargo across key international markets makes it essential to have an effective, focused supplier and partner management program.

  • Preferred Carrier Program: core carriers that meet your criteria
  • Globally standardized carrier-performance monitoring tools
  • Dedicated procurement and supplier-management teams
  • Standardized global quality, safety, health, and environmental carrier evaluation program
  • Specifically developed Client / Kuehne + Nagel / Carrier operating procedures
  • Measurement criteria for e-commerce projects; 'e-freight' and green initiatives

Match the cost you want with the speed you need